I had this funky lampshade in my office on a really cool base. I kept looking for a lampshade that would be big enough to fit the base but I couldn’t find anything, so I decided to cover it. Surprisingly it was super quick and easy, I found great fabric at Joann’s Fabrics and Michaels Art’s & Crafts for trim and glue. Read below or click here to listen to these instructions on your smart phone on How2Girl Radio. Heres what you need:

Pattern paper (or construction paper) a yard or so of fabric, a trim, hot glue, pins and scissors, oh yes and your lampshade.

1. Start put by folding your pattern paper in half. Starting at the fold place your lampshade on top starting with the seam and rolling it away from the fold while tracing it on the paper, stop when you have rolled the shade half way. Remove the lampshade. Now add an inch to the top and bottom of the pattern and 2 inches to the end of the pattern. Cut out.

redlampshade3-e1335225332627-199x3002. Fold your fabric in half. Place your pattern with it’s fold onto your fabric fold.







3.Using your pins pin the pattern in place and cut out.






redlampshade4-300x1994. Unfold your fabric, now you will have a perfectly symmetrical pattern. Put it around your shade and using your hot glue gun glue the fabric to the inside of the shade (this is why we gave ourselves an extra inch)

Once you finish the top do the same for the bottom making sure to pull it tight as you do it to get a good fit.


redlampshade5-300x1995. Glue your trim  around the outside top of the shade and the inside of the top to hide the fabric where it is glued.




redlampshadefinal6. Glue the trim around the outside bottom of your shade and you’re done!

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