roxy-rainbow-tie-dye-triangle-top-bottomSummer is finally upon us and what’s cooler than having a one of a kind swimsuit? Now you can turn even the most simple swimsuits into works of art with a little dye.









To tie-dye your swimsuit,  you have to gather, fold, tie and soak it in fabric dye. The lighter your swimsuit is the more vibrant it will turn out. White is ideal.I bought my dye from Michael’s You will need:

  • Dye – For swimsuits you need to use an acid dye rather than regular fabric dye.
  • Rubber Gloves – To protect your hands from the dye.
  • Rubber Bands – Use these to tie up your suit into sections, this makes your design.
  • Large Pot or Bucket – Used to mix the dye – it should be able to hold 3 – 5 gallons.
  • Long-Handles Utensil – An old spoon, B-B-Q tongs, etc. to stir the dye.
  • Salt – Used with dye to help make darker colors more vibrant.
  • Plastic Bag – Some dyes require the dyed item to sit in plastic bag for approx. 24 hours.
  • Plastic Garbage Bag – Used to protect your work area.




* Jacquard Acid Fabric Dye




1. Start out with a solid swimsuit in a light color. Before you dye it, wash it to make sure it is clean and ready to go.

2. Cover your work area so the dye doesn’t stain it. I covered mine by laying down a few large garbage bags.

3. Prepare your dye as directed by the manufacturer. Carefully following the instructions. Use rubber gloves while preparing the dye and while dyeing your swimsuit.

4. Gather the swimsuit and tie with rubber bands. Wrap the first rubber band around the gathered material, right below the part you held when you lifted it. Now, add several more rubber bands about 1 to 2-inches apart. Get creative with this, you can  make up your own style and spacings too!

5. Time to dye! Follow the dye directions and dip your suit in the desired color. Then add or rotate as you like. The longer you leave it in the dye the stronger the color, you can also add salt to the dye to make the colors more vibrant!

6. Rinse or wait between colors as directed by the manufacturer. Some dyes require you to rinse immediately while others require you to let the item sit for at least 24 hours.

 7. Be careful when you wash your tie-dyed swimsuit! Wash in cold water. The first few times they are washed, they might bleed so it’s good to wash it alone.
Have fun strutting on the beach in your hot swimsuit! You could even make a matching beach towel using tie dye!

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