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Last year I went a little more goth with crosses and golden Easter eggs for my table settings. It looked fantastic and fit the occasion and the company, but this year I am doing an Easter brunch just for my family. I thought I would share a few fun and inexpensive ideas that may spark something for your Easter plans!

I started out by making a table runner. I found this really cute fabric that screamed Easter for about $4 a yard, and I used 3 yards, as well as a pretty trim at $5 a yard and I used 2 yards. I sewed the runner, I have instructions on my website but really it’s just folding your fabric inside out, sewing a seam along the edge, pulling it through, making sure the finished seam goes on the bottom center and then sewing the trim on it. I spent about 15 minutes from start to finish and under $25.

Next I took some glass vases from Michael’s at $3 a piece and painted them with Martha Stewart glass paint to add a little color and pink.

I used Ranunculus, hydrangea’s and some pretty green and purple flowered fillers to make cute flower arrangements.

For the place cards, I used paint and card stock and painted them with baby chicks and my guests names to make adorable place cards that they can enjoy and them take home afterwards.

Last but not least, I bought 4 birds nests from Michael’s, I hollowed out eggs that I died pink, dusted them with gold spray paint and placed them in the bird nest, and voila!!! We are ready to start serving brunch!

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