photo-1113I love using bobby pins for almost everything hair related whether it’s setting my curls hot off the iron or for making a quick up-do, I use them like crazy. When you buy them they come neatly packaged on a piece of cardboard, but if your like me after you use them they become a total disaster because I won’t take the time to clip all 50 of them back on their neat little cardboard. To avoid the mess and hassle here is a fantastic, easy and inexpensive way to keep your bobby pins nice and organized.

Buy a self adhesive magnetic strip, I bought a roll 30 inches long at Home Depot for $2. Cut it to the length of the inside of your vanity cabinet, remove the paper on the back of the strip and stick it on there. Now you have a great and convenient place to stick all of your bobby pins and tweezers without the headache of the clean up every time you do your hair.

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