I love the smell of lavender! Who doesn’t right? It’s so relaxing!

I wanted to buy those pretty sachets they sell at spa’s or fine linen stores for my drawers but the only downside is they can get expensive!

As usual not wanting to spend a lot I decided to make my own. Shocker I know!




lavender-buds_med1These sachets are quick, easy, affordable and most imprtanlty make evrything smell amazing!

I headed down to my local spice store to buy a bag of dried lavender but there are also a lof of great websites you can buy from online as well. Here is a great brand from $11.99 per pound at, click here to check it out. I used a half pound to make 6 satchels. Running me less than $2 in lavender per sachet.

Next I hit up Joann Fabric and Craft Store and found some pretty floral linen for $5 a yard,  and netting or tool at $3 a yard. I bought a 1/2 yard of each.


img_92021Using my sewing machine but you can also do it by hand I started out by sewing a pocket out of my tool, so you fold your fabric in half, then sew two paralell lines in each side of the fold.

Cut off the excess tool.





img_92041Next fill up that pocket with your lavendar and sew it up.







img_92151Do the same thing with your fabric this time being sure to fold the fabric inside out and measuring up a half inch on all sides from your tool measurement.

After you’re finished sewing your fabric pocket you can go in and sew a line an inch in on all four sides, this will give a nice snug fit when you add in your lavender.

Next you want to place your lavender sachet inside your fabric and sew it closed.




img_92191Simple as that! Now get ready to enjoy it in your bed, your undies drawer and even your sock drawer.

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