Any chance you can get to personalize any get together or special dinner is always a great thing! I always try to make whatever dinner or lunch I’m hosting as unique as possible if it’s for something special like a holiday, birthday, a romantic dinner or just a girls night. Food and flowers aside one fantastic way I love to personalize a meal for my guests is with napkin rings. I know it sounds like it really doesn’t matter and there are so many gorgeous napkin rings out there… the only problem is in order to have rings that fit in with themes for every holiday or special occasion it would end up costing a lot! No thank you!  I’d rather save that money and spend it on more important things like shoes!

photo-e13777994241181While strolling through Home Depot the other day I came up with what I think is a fabulous idea how to customize your napkin rings for every single special occasion you have without spending a lot!

I bought a 2 foot long and inch and a half wide ABS plastic pipe for $2.95 and had them cut it into 16 smaller rings.







When I got them home I got really creative dressing them up using stickers from from Michaels Arts and Crafts and fabric from Joann’s Fabric.

When all was said and done each ring cost less that $1! You can get really creative with these rings.





Try using stickers, lace, buttons and beads too!

They can even double as place cards if you cover in ribbon and write out your guests name with a calligraphy pen, or you can make a name out of small stickers on the fabric.





If you don’t want to do fabric and hot glue you can always paint the rings.

Just think of all of the possibilities and because they are so inexpensive everyone can afford to customize them for every special occasion!

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