kate-beckinsale-dress-underworld-awakening-la-premiere-2-199x3001What do Kate Beckinsale, Lauren Conrad, Khloe Kardashian and Sara Jessica Parker all have in common?

Besides being beautiful and dressing really well they all have Ombre hair.

Ombre is a French word meaning one color gradually fading into another.





In these bombshells case it means the base or crown of their hair is much darker than the ends.

I love this look but only when it’s done right, if not it just looks like you have roots which is never a good look unless you’re Heather Locklear in Melrose Place.

So if your name is not Amanda Woodward then listen up.



ombre-brown-hairlily-aldridges-ombr-hair-ofzqiww71After spending way too much money on my hair dresser to get my locks the perfect ombre color, I took notes on his teqnuqie and for the past 3 years I have done my hair myself and it does not involve the Ombre kits at the grocery stores trust me,  if you’re thinking of going ombre you need to hit your beauty supply not Vons. Sally’s Beauty Supply has everything you need and you don’t need a license to purchase the right supplies.

The technique is surprisingly simple but few hair dressers know how to do it and this is why there is a lot more bad ombre esque dye jobs out there than good ones.


Picture 3You’re going to work in sections starting with the bottom of your hair, put the rest up in a bun.  Taking a fine toothed comb you are going to take 1 inch sections of hair and  lightly holding the end of your hair section back comb it like crazy when you do this it will look like you have an afro, leave a little bit of hair out of the teasing, do for every section you tease half will be teased at your crown and the other half will be hanging out.

Do this to your entire head. Now you will look like you have a crazy afro going on all over your head with little pieces of hair sticking out everywhere.

Now you’re ready to bleach. I use Quick Blue Bleach Powder by Loreal $4 at Sallys Beauty Supply. I love this brand because it never lightens to an orange color. You get blonde every time. You need to mix the bleach with a developer, this activated the bleach to lighten. Depending on how light you want to go will determine what volume developer you buy.

I have dark brown hair so I use a 20 developer when I want more golden locks and a 30 if I want to go really light.


picture-41-1Apply the bleach using gloves and your fingers, not a brush to the strands hanging out of all of the teazed hair. No need for foils, I prefer not to use them because they can tend to make the top of the highlight a little chunky. I let the bleach sit on my hair for about 20 minutes and then check it every 5 until I get the desired lightness.

Next rinse out,  shampoo, deep condition, gently brush out any of the teasing that’s still left. Blow dry and if for some reason if the highlights are a little too warm just throw on a blue toner for 5 minutes and you’re good to go!

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