gardenparty4This Spring, The Home Depot Garden Club brought Garden Parties to cities across the country to help unleash everyone’s inner gardener and teach everything you need to know to get started gardening no matter your level of experience. I was so excited when The Home Depot asked me to host their LA Garden Party in sunny Marina Del Rey, Ca. The entire month of April I devoted all things How 2 Girl to gardening. From DIY gardening posts to quick and easy tips I shared on How2Girl Radio, I had so much fun sharing my love for flowers and plants with all of you!

As a young woman I always thought of gardening sort of as a hobby suited best for people that have green thumbs and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to pants and flowers. Sure I knew how to plant a single flower in a pot but that was pretty much the extent of my gardening expertise.


gardenparty6I had a great time last month rolling up my sleeves, thinking outside the box, learning and sharing my creations with you! I learned that gardening is accessible to anyone, anywhere on any budget and that when you plant your own herbs and flowers the possibilities of what you can create is endless.

From fresh Mint used in Mojitos to planting flowers in old candle containers, I had a lot of fun finding new ways to incorporate gardening and all things green into my lifestyle.


shrimp chicken








img_0140When guests arrived at The Garden Party they were greeted by me and enjoyed delicious farm-to-table refreshments and dishes.

Guests enjoyed  fresh “mocktails” made with mint and lemonade accompanied by grilled carrot appetizers, shrimp kabobs with coleslaw and chicken yakitori.

Celebrity Food Network chef Nikki Martin was at the BBQ grilling up a storm and sharing her simple yet fabulous recipes with all of the guests. She even gave me some BBQ tips!


Next, it was time to Plan and Prep! Each guest decorated their very own terra-cotta pot using stencils and Sharpie Paint Markers.These markers are so cool! It was my first time discovering them. They are super quick and easy to use making them great for kids and the best part, there’s no clean up!



img_0204I loved meeting everyone who came out and seeing how they personalized their own pots.

One of my girlfriends turned her pot into a thoughtful birthday present.

Another guest made hers for her new granddaughters room.

Two 10 year old twin boys I met turned their pots into their favorite football teams colors and gave them to their coaches. How cute is that!










What did I make you ask? We all know how much I love pink so keeping with the How2Girl and Home Depot theme, my pot consisted of Pink and Orange checkers. I loved seeing everyone pour their creativity into this fun DIY project and it was wonderful getting to know all of the guests and watching them get crafty!

img_0242After the plain terra-cotta pots were transformed into works of art it was time to Plant. Guests made their way over to the fabulous Teena Spindler, a gardening expert hand-picked by The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, and a Home Depot Garden Club partner! Teena had lots of amazing tips and tricks for guests as she guided them through the How-to’s of planting succulents. The selection of succulents from The Home Depot Nursery was impressive to say the least. I personally love succulents because not only are they beautiful but they are extremely easy to take care of only requiring watering once a week! It was fun seeing everyone get their hands a little dirty while planting  When I planted my succulent I had a million questions for Teena. One of the tricks she showed me that I want to share with you is so amazing and can be applied to any plant or even a flower arrangement. This trick is great for any potted plant project or hanging basket. I have three words for you. Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers. Now this is pretty self explanatory but to break it down you need one plant that is a thriller. This means it stands out from the rest. Maybe it’s tall or maybe it’s a bright color, this is your star piece. Next up is the filler. You need something to go around the thriller to cover the rest of your pot but you don’t want this to take away from your thriller. Last but not least, the spiller. This is a plant that cascades over the edges of your pot or basket making it look gorgeous! You put these three ingredients together and you will make magic every time!

img_0147Did I mention there was a salsa garden. Expert gardeners put together a miniature garden filled with everything you need to make your own farm-to-table salsa!


img_0195After guests finished their creations they stepped into the #SpringMadeSimple Photo Booth. This was so cool! I took about a million pictures throughout the day with lots of guests and they even had an instant printer so you could take your photos to go!

It was a lot of fun watching everyone tag #SpringMadeSimple to connect and share their love for gardening on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

I know I took about a million photos and even a few selfies! I really enjoyed seeing all of our guests photos and projects as well!



I learned a lot about gardening throughout the day and it was so fun seeing everyone participate from 4 year olds to grandparents and everywhere in-between! Thank you to everyone who came out to this amazing event! It was such a pleasure meeting all of you and thank you for spending your Saturday with us! If you weren’t able to get there and you didn’t have a chance to get expert tips from Teena don’t worry because the Home Depot Garden Club is a fantastic resource where you can get expert gardening advice and ideas whenever you need them! Click here to join the Garden Club. I’m a member and absolutely I love it! Be sure to go to The Home Depot Facebook Event Page to find out more about the Garden Parties and to find a Garden Party near you!

I acknowledge that The Home Depot is partnering with me to participate in this “Garden Party” event. As a part of the project, I am receiving compensation in the form of cash, for the purpose of promoting this event and The Home Depot. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines

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