There is nothing worse than those annoying fuzz balls that get all over our sweaters, couches, scarfs, blankets. etc. We have a couch I upholstered in our family room in a really pretty plaid wool. It’s gorgeous but the challenge is no matter what I do it is always covered in fuzzies and hair from our beautiful Golden Retriever Leica who sheds a lot. He is not supposed to get up on the furniture but when the cats are away the mice will play.

gleener_ultimate_fuzz_remover__77125-1371653718-1280-1280A friend sent me this new product called The Gleener. You may have heard of it. It’s an as seen on tv product. Now first off I know what your thinking. If it’s a tv product it’s probably bs. We all know there are a lot of infomercial products that make false promises out there and when you get them home they don’t do near the amount of things as promised on tv. I’m here to tell you this product actually works and really well I might add! It’s a fuzz, lint and hair remover in one.

Sweater pills and fuzz balls are a fact of life. Every single one of us has experienced the disappointment – and frustration – of pulling out an almost-new knitted garment from the closet and seeing those unsightly pills. Even the most expensive kinds of knits are susceptible! And what about that favourite sweater, the one that used to make you feel so great… you simply can’t part with it, so now it’s become weekend-wear only.

screen-shot-2014-06-05-at-2-53-25-pmGleener is the ultimate fuzz remover! It’s easy to use and is the only product on the market with three fabric-sensitive edges, so you can use it to remove pills and fuzz from almost any kind of garment. Plus — it actually works! The Gleener has three different edges. all clearly marked on the bottom. Each carefully designed edge targets a different kind of pill, allowing you to customize the Gleener to every item you want to renew. And they are a cinch to attach and remove.

lintbrushThe Gleener is actually two products in one! The attached lint brush picks up pesky pet hair in a flash, and can be used to finish any de-pilling job beautifully.verybody has owned at least one lint brush in their lives… but you can never seem to find one when you need it! The lint brush is conveniently attached to the Gleener handle, so it is always right where you need it. Use it on all garments and furniture to get rid of pet hair and lint, or use it to finish any Gleening job in order to leave it looking as good as new. And this lint brush really works!

beforeCheck out this before and after I took when using the Gleener to de-fuzz my couch.

img_1974Look at all of this yucky lint and hair that came up! This product rocks and the best part is is retails for $19.95 in your local stores and you can also click here to buy now! You will love this product!!! It rules!

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