b97u8546In honor of breast cancer awareness month I hosted my Think Pink How2Girl Ladies Luncheon at my home in Westlake Village, Ca this last weekend to bring awareness and raise money for breast cancer. I teamed up with Bright Pink Org, who is a wonderful non-profit specializing in breast and ovarian cancer and had all of my girlfriends over for cocktails and h’ourderves to raise money for Bright Pink and hundreds of women in need.

b97u8120The delectable passed h’ourderves were made specialty by world renowned caterers AC Events. They are the geniuses behind Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding and were kind enough to team up with me for cost to make this event spectacular!

screen-shot-2014-10-24-at-5-30-56-pm  As for the drinks,  I was recently asked by SodaStream to tryout their new SodaStream Play Machine. After playing around with it I thought it would be fun and different to use their soda flavors to customize my mocktails and cocktails. The SodaStream has once again partnered with Yves Behar, world-renowned designer for the Play Machine. Featuring refined mechanics, a sleek new look and the best part customizable skins to dress up your machine! To customize my new machine I opted for a pretty pink and green floral skin to go with the look and feel of my event but the options are never ending! From sports teams to animal prints there is a SodaStream Play Skin for everyone. They even give you the option to customize your SodaStream to you and your family with a skin made from your own pictures! To learn more about the Play Skins and how you can customize your very own Play Machine click here.







The Play Skins are extremely simple to use. They come in the form of stickers which can be removed at a later time if you want to change things up. They are labeled clearly, only take a minute to apply and are pretty much idiot proof!  I love these because you can makeover the look of your Play Machine and your kitchen whenever you like.


photo-15One of the features I fell in love with when trying the SodaStream is that you have the freedom to customize your soda. There are so many amazing flavors to choose from and using the SodaStream really gives you the freedom to get creative and have fun with your drinks whether your entertaining with mocktails and cocktails or just making root beer for your family. You get to be a mad scientist mixing different flavors and creating your own unique taste specific drinks!


You saw my delicious recipes in Friday’s post so without further a due… Lets bring out the cocktails!







I set up my bar with all of the fresh ingredients my drinks called for like strawberries, mint from my yard, raspberries, limes and lemons.












Next to them I had all of the SodaStream Flavors I was using like Sparkling Pink Grapefruit and Country Time Lemonade. (for my non-drinkers)


To add a touch of elegance I showcased the cocktails and their ingredients to guests by printing them out and placing them in gold frames from Michaels Arts & Crafts.





photo-2I had so much fun chatting with my guests and playing the bartender/mixologist at the same time! The drinks were a huge hit because the SodaStream gave them the perfect amount of fizz and I could make them stronger or lighter flavored depending on who I was serving. All in all the luncheon was a huge success! We had a crafting station set up courtesy of Michaels Arts & Crafts where guests customized their own pink ribbons and we set up a room where everyone donated designer clothing, accessories and shoes which will be auctioned off next week on ebay for Bright Pink Org. It felt so great to bring an amazing group of women together for such an important cause and to give back in a fun and out of the box way!

Be sure to stay tuned this week for all of the food, the crafts and everything you need to know regarding the auction because you won’t want to miss these beautiful clothes! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Bright Pink.

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