screen-shot-2014-12-16-at-1-48-22-pmNothing screams holiday time like Egg Nog.

I recently discovered a killer recipe from a company called Ole Moonshine. Now we all know Moonshine is 40 proof and strong so go easy on this drink.

This is a quick, easy and fun way to add a little extra spice to every get together this holiday season.




screen-shot-2014-12-16-at-2-19-44-pmHere’s what you’ll need:

4 parts Ole Smoky Shine Nog. 

1 part Kahlua

A splash of nutmeg to garnish

1 cinnamon stick per drink to garnish

Mix ingredients together. Server over ice. Garnish, serve and enjoy!

* You can also substitute Shine nog with 2 parts Kaluha and 2 parts Rum.

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