courtflowersOne week and counting. V-Day is almost here! Two weeks ago I met with Marks Garden in Los Angeles and learned how they made the breathtaking flower arrangements that adorned the tables at the Golden Globes this year. The method of arranging they used was called “Color Blocking.” When Nancy, one of the head flower designers to the to the stars broke down the step-by-step process to me I couldn’t believe how simple it was. So I took a whack at it to make Valentines Day flowers, they turned out really cool and I’m excited to share what I learned with you here on How2Girl today.

flowers1Basically all you do is grab bunches of the same types of flowers in the same color and place them in a vase rotating different colors and different types throughout the vase. For these arrangements all I mixed three different flowers together. Light Pink and Hot Pink Ranunculus. Cream, Pink and Red Roses and Red Poppies.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. When you’re color blocking you have more freedom to play around with more colors and different flowers without your arrangement looking busy if you mixed it up stem by stem.

This is a super simple and fantastic way to get an expensive, exquitite look at home and the best part is, there’s no florist required. Just you, the flower mart or your local or online wholesale florist (every city has one) and a pair of shears.

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