academy_award_trophyThe big day is a few days away which means all of your favorite actresses are on lockdown eating healthy, drinking lots of water, working out and most importantly getting beauty treatments. I have a facialist I have gone to throughout the years when I had a big special occasion to get pampered for. This wonder woman who shall remain nameless is always kind enough to let me in on the secret remedies she uses on her A-List clients. Surprisingly a lot of the time these magic formulas are 100% organic which is what makes them so potent. There are no weird ingredients that you can’t pronounce. The ingredients are pure, simple and always do the trick.

This quick, simple and idiot proof facial treatment sounds too good to be true but have a little faith… it works like a charm. If your complexion is feeling drab, maybe you have a few breakouts and your skin just needs a quick pick me up then look no further.



All you need is:

1 tomato cut into thin slices

1 tomato mashed up into a bowl


Start by putting the mashed up tomatoes in the fridge for about 30 minutes to get nice and cool. While you’re waiting for the mixture to get icy cold grab the tomato slices and rub them in upwards motions onto your clean face. Do not rinse, next add on the cold mixture and place two of the slices over your eyes. Take a cat nap for 20 minutes, remove and rinse off.

This DIY treatment to the stars works so well because the lycopene in the tomatoes works as an amazing astringent and when massaged into your skin it helps smooth out your texture, give you a fantastic glow and tightens your pours. All that for under $2 in tomatoes! How can any How2Girl say no to that! Kiss this expensive treatments goodbye and for more DIY for the girl on the go follow me @how2girl on Instagram & Twitter and tune into How2Girl Radio on iHeartRadio!

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