I LOVE LOVE LOVE chandeliers. I put them everywhere I can. I’m really into mood lighting all over Nikki and my home. I prefer all of my lighting on dimmers and rather than using bright overhead lighting I love using chandeliers and lamps. It just feels more romantic to me. In the past I thought it would be too expensive to do chandeliers but then I discovered buying them from ebay and lamps plus. If you choose to use a chandelier here are some great ideas for you.

photo-43-e1335211172970-225x3001. Lamp shades.

I love the look of lamp shades and use them on every chandeleir in my house besides the dining room since it is more formal.

I found the cool leopard ones on ebay and the rest on lampsplus.com.

These are really neat because you can use them to tie the room together or add a cool accent color.



2. Ceiling medallions.

These are so inexpensive and helps give any room a finishes and regal look.

I use unfinished ones from home depot they cost anywhere from $15-$40.

You can also paint them, I would stick to metalics.




photo-34-e1335211317713-225x3003. Chain Coverings.

Some chandeliers look great with the chain showing but it’s also nice to give them a finishing touch. I have found very few antique stores that sell these and they usually only come in white and are expensive.

I like using velvet or silk fabric. There are two options for making them. If you are having it hung you can pull the chain through the covering before it is installed. This is the easiest way but if you want to add it to an existing chandeleir with out having it re-installed you can attach it with velcro rather than sewing it. Here’s how to do it.


dscf74801-e1329430268164-199x300dscf74951-199x3001. Fold your fabric inside out and lay flat. From the fold in leave 2 inches and pin it.

This holds the fabric together while you’re sewing. Sew a straight line.

dscf7500-300x1992. Attach a safty pin to the outside and pull through to make a tube.



Now the fabric will be the right side out and you won’t see the hem.

3. Pull the chain through the fabric tube. You may need to make two tubes to get it to bunch up.


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