square_let_them_eat_cake-21If you missed this tip on today’s show of How2Girl radio or you listened to it but needed the instructions again, here you go! After taking your requests via twitter and facebook I found out that the topic you want to hear more of this week help with decorating and entertaining, so this week will be full of lots fun, easy and chic projects to spice up your home!

When having friends over it’s always fun to have yummy snacks like cup cakes, muffins, cookies, cake, you name it around. Yes, if you hadn’t guessed I have a bit of a sweet tooth but what woman doesn’t right?


These snacks are great on there own but also are perfect served with tea and coffee too. While serving your guests is wonderful, this brings me to the question of where do you put all of these delectable goodies and while serving trays are great but that takes work serving everyone, this is why I adore cake stands! They look adorable in any kitchen, can be used for a variety of foods such as finger sandwiches, cheese and crackers and they are stationary so you don’t have to run around all day with a tray.

There are some really neat cake stands out there but the beautiful ones can tend to be expensive, yes I know big shocker right? Well don’t run out and blow your money because today I am going to teach you how to make your own custom cake stand at home without that heft price tag! So listen up because you’re going to love this.

First off you need 3 plates in 3 different sizes, large to small. You can go as big or small as you want but the plate need to gradually get smaller from bottom to top. I’m doing 2 plates and a cup and saucer at the top. The cup is great because it can hold flowers, candy, macaroons, etc.  Etsy.com and Ebay.com have killer vintage plates and cups that are gorgeous for very, very little cost. This is where I found mine, garage sales and flea markets can also be fantastic for fining vintage plates. You can mix up the designs to create a vintage style or look out for unusually shaped plates, like squares or hexagons for a more retro vibe.










Next, we need to put it together! KOALAPLAN.com has gorgeous silver and gold hardware sets for under $13 to make your own stand, this set comes with all of the screws and washers you will need.












Next you will need a hand drill, Ryobi makes a great one available at Home Depot  for under $30 and last but not least a 6mm drill bit. This is a great investment because you will use it over and over again!

Okay lets get started!

  1. Stick a piece of masking tape across the center of the back of your large dinner plate, this one will be the base.  Mark the center point with a cross. Place the plate on a piece of plywood or a wood cutting board you would use for food upside down. The wood keeps it from cracking on the next step. Next you will Attach the ceramic bit to the drill.
  2. Carefully begin drilling through the marked cross, applying light pressure. Keep going until you’ve made a neat hole, repeat with the other plate, cup and saucer. Being sure to make sure the hole is in the center of each plate. Remove the tape and wash the china.
  3. Assemble the cake stand in this order, screw, foam washer, metal washer, dinner plate, foam washer, metal washer, teacup and saucer, foam washer and handle.  The last step is to tighten the screws and that’s it, you’re all done.

Now you have a gorgeous and elegant place for all of your goodies and flowers and the best part is, you customized it to exactly what you want and need and for a lot less than what you would have spent. These also make wonderful wedding or bridal shower gifts!

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