pc11I recently came across an amazing website Zazzle.com and I was so excited when I stumbled on a section where they sell replica vintage post cards at a very affordable $1 each! As I scrolled through page after page drooling over these gorgeous post cards from beautiful florals to cards from Paris and London. I was instantly inspired to find the perfect DIY project to utilize these mini works of art to help me entertain this Spring. I ordered about 30 different cards, because they sat $1 each I figured if I didn’t use them all on my projects I could always send them in the mail to my friends. Lets face it, everyone loves getting a cute postcard!

pc6The first idea that came to mind was to figure out a way to incorporate these stunning designs and artwork into serving trays. With the weather finally nice outside, Spring is one of my favorite times to entertain. That’s why I came up with this project. It’s a creative and idiot proof way to serve and wow your guests without breaking the bank!



pc5It’s super fun, easy to do and very affordable. Check out these simple step-by-step instructions to serve your guests cakes, cookies, tea, coffee, cheese, crackers and more in style this Spring! I also made a cute box for storing notes and miscellaneous papers on my desk. (available at Michael’s Arts & Crafts)



pc13Here’s what you’ll need:

Post Cards available at Zazzle.com for $1 each

Tacky Spray Glue available at Michael’s Arts & Crafts

Spray Paint in a Gloss Finish available at Michael’s Arts & Crafts

Clear Gloss Spray Paint available at Michael’s Arts & Crafts

Unfinished Wood Trays available at Michael’s Arts & Crafts

Mod Podge & A Sponge available at Michael’s Arts & Crafts

pc141. Spray paint your trays your desired color. Let Dry.

2. Spray paint your trays with the Clear UV Gloss. Let Dry.

3. Using your Tacky Spray coat the back of each postcard and place on your trays. Since they’re all different shapes, you may have to overlap some cards as you see fit to fill the space.

4. Apply Mod Podge on top of the cards covering the entire tray using the sponge. Let dry. Repeat. The Mod Podge seals the trays making them waterproof. (after using be sure to hand wash, these cannot go in the dishwasher)

5. Let dry and enjoy!



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