rcfringeKimberly Jesika here today, contributing editor of Glamour Italia, Glamour South Africa and Vogue Italia and now a regular contributor to How2Girl! I wanted to share some fashion ideas for winter from my good friend, Valeria Arrizzi (who’s also an Italian fashionista) straight from the fashion capital of the world.

country-western-fashion-3There are certain fashion statements that can only be followed by celebrities and are not usually relevant for our daily dressing. However, you can surely take some motivation from these and create your own unique trend. From cowboy knee length boots to beautifully printed sweatshirts, throughout the next week I will be sharing my top 3 Italian inspired fashion trends that every How2Girl needs to try  this winter to feel pleasant and always gorgeous! First up…


8cf503a1795ddd83549f8694bbddc7d2A little unexpected I know but trust me, it’s all the rage in Milan. These chic like dresses paired with the hot cowboy knee length boots are one of the hottest trends for this season. Wear all your warm tops over skinny jeans and attractive shawls for a casual street style look. Pair your outfit with a dazzling belt, a stylish hat and an elegant tassel purse.

These cowboy boots can also be worn with mid length formal dresses for a modern country side look. Pair this dress up with an adorned purse and the trending statement chokers to be a head turner in your formal social parties with your stunning fashion sense.

images-1DIY: Transform any boot into this seasons hottest trend in 3 simple How2Girl steps.

1. Grab your favorite distressed boot or bootie then head to The Home Depot and pick up a sheet of sand paper to make them look a bit more worn in if your foot ware looks too new. *We are going for distressed cowgirl here…

2.  Buy two pieces of velvet or satin ribbon (about 2/3 a yard each) Jo-Ann Fabric rules for this! While you’re there purchase thin suede trim to match. Approximately 15 yards to cover each boot.  Sounds like a lot but don’t sweat it, sued trim is very cost efficient!

3. Fold suede trim in half, cutting to desired length and loop around piece of your ribbon and pull through (this creates a secure but removable “knot”). Repeat until you have the circumference of your boot covered. The idea here is to cover the ribbon trim in fringe and have enough ribbon left over to tie a beautiful bow over the back or side of your boot. You can also use your new suede trimmed out ribbon to adhere to thigh high boots, all you need is a few safety pins!

P.S. The nice thing about this how-to is its not permanent and your ribbon once adorned with suede fringe can also be repurposed as a necklace, belt or any other fabulous idea you can dream up! XOXO The How2Girl

Learn more about Valeria’s fashion style at here and follow me on Twitter @kimberlyjesicka

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