I have to admit I think it is so rad that the Rams are back in LA. Who doesn’t love a good football game? And even if my team is not in the Superbowl this year, I still say the big game is the perfect excuse to have a party or to go to one. The food is always a splurge, the drinks so fun and I am first row to watch the commercials and the half-time show. And if I do say so, I always seem to get lucky when it comes to the betting pool.

Half the fun of the Superbowl is getting into the spirit of it all—and of course I think the best way to do that is with the decorating and entertaining. And while I might not completely feel these grown man running up and down the field after a ball, I do jive with the style of their uniforms as well as the cheerleaders and their fabulous pom poms! For this year’s event I have come up with ways to sprinkle do-it-yourself decorating elements using jerseys and pom poms into your soiree that will keep you on a budget and looking fabulous.

For starters, since everyone will have a drink in hand, whether they are downing beers or trying out a signature cocktail, make sure they are using coasters. Not just to keep surfaces ring-free but also because these cork coasters edged in pom pom trim are so cute! They are also the perfect hostess gift to bring to a friend who’s having the party at her house. To make, hot glue mini pom pom trim around edges of each cork coaster. Use the colors of the teams playing in the Superbowl or keep it neutral with multi-colored pieces.

Since it’s three hours plus of coach potatoes or people sitting on the floor, make comfy pillows especially for the occasion. Use old jerseys, ones from the flea market or any you find online (look for ones of traded players since they are typically marked down) to cover pillows. Trim jersey 1-inch larger all around than pillow and stitch on machine or by hand to create.

I think balloons can be festive, if done right. Dot a bunch of white or silver ones with tiny pom pom pieces. These can be colorful or just in the colors of the teams in the game. Hot glue them in random spots onto blown-up balloons that you tie onto different spots in the room or let float to the ceiling.

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