Are you getting as excited as I am for the upcoming Superbowl! Okay, so I might not be dying to watch four quarters of downs, passes, touchdowns, field goals and penalties (are you so impressed with my football knowledge?) –but I can NOT wait to decorate for the occasion! I’ve already talked about some fabulous jersey and pom pom details—you can check back on previous broadcasts to listen—but today it’s all about turf!

Makes sense, right? Not only is it all over the field, but it’s also a pretty cool detail to work with and is totally identifiable with the game that guests will understand and appreciate your profound decorating genius instantly! Since you typically buy turf in a certain size piece, make a few projects out of it to make it well worth the purchase.

For starters, set out a white artificial turf welcome mat—you are setting the tone the second guests literally walk to the door. Cut a piece of turf to 28 inches x 18 inches, which is the standard size or look for a pre-cut patch from a spot like Home Depot or on Amazon. Then use it as a base to create a custom monogrammed mat. Use a letter stencil and white spray paint to create the initial of your last name in the center of the turf. You can also make it all about the theme by using a football stencil or a football player stencil instead of a monogram.

A turf runner will easily carry your theme to the food table—where everyone will be hanging around. Depending on the size of your table, cut the runner so it is about 24 inches wide and long enough so that it hangs over the table edge by a foot at each side. Then, using white tape and white felt numbers, create replica field yard lines.

One of my favorite ideas? A turf frame as your photo booth! The frame will actually be a white oversized wood frame—you can either find a white one or a plain wood one and paint it—and you can make an artificial 3-inch turf matting along the inside frame border. Hot glue turf onto a piece of canvas that you staple with a staple gun to the backside of the frame. Then point, shoot and watch your guests smile!


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