I absolutely love my husband and celebrating Valentine’s Day with him but I also love my girlfriends and use this day to recognize our friendships. I am especially sensitive to my girls who might not be in a relationship at the moment and want to be extra sure they feel the love on Valentine’s Day!

Some of my favorite gifts to DIY are these Gal-entines for my bffs. They are super girl-y and inspired by all the things I love, like fashion runways, celebrity style makeup and flowers, of course.

Since every girl should get flowers on Valentine’s Day, I like to start there. And it doesn’t have to be an elaborate arrangement. It’s simple to dress up store-bought flowers. Stamp or handwrite a ribbon with a repeated friendship message like “Bffs forever” or “Courtney & Halle” or “I love you” and use to tie around the bouquet. Or print a friendship message or poem in beautiful type on a piece of vellum paper run through your printer and bring to the florist—they can wrap around the bouquet as they are tying it up. You can also cut an oversized piece of floral foam in the shape of her first initial and cover it in her favorite flower. She will love looking at it as she watches her favorite rom-com on Netflix that night!

Help her pamper herself by creating a spa in a box. Fill it with DIY products or inexpensive ones you love like face scrubs and masks, bath salts, essential oils and fuzzy socks. Paint a brown Michael’s box in a calming color like pastel pink. Tape a large heart in the center of the top, spray entire top with 3M Tacky glue and sprinkle with hot pink glitter. Shake off excess and remove heart.

I should actually hint to my husband about this next idea because it’s one of my favorites! Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana, hot glue crystal heart appliqués onto clear phone cases and tie with a ribbon. Voila! Another runway inspiration? Straight from the Fendi shows, hot glue a red faux fur or fur pom pom onto a black ski hat or a white fur pom pom to a red one. How adorable!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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