image-php_I LOVE the look of a flocked Christmas tree but it can be pricey having it done professionally.

If you’re wanting to save that extra cash and spend it on presents then check out this easy recipe to flocking your own tree!

You can choose to keep it white or maybe you want to get wild and do pink or even blue flocking!



Here’s the recipe, you will have to keep repeating until you have the desired amount for the size of your tree.



2 cups Ivory soap flakes: use a cheese grater on the soap bar to make the flakes.

2/3 cup starch

1/4 cup Elmers glue

1/4 cup warm water (it really needs to be warm)


In a large bowl using a mixer or hand mixer if you have one, if not you can do it with a spoon. Mix together all of the ingredients until it looks like frosting. Add in desired food coloring if you choose and mix well.

With a paint brush, brush evenly onto your tree. Best to do this in the garage or a space outside where the tree will have 3-4 days to dry before bringing it into the house. Enjoy!

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