There are secrets to getting longer looking legs… even if you’re not an amazon woman you can still get sexier looking legs instantly!

Secret #1: Nude Shoes

When wearing a dress, trading in normal pumps for nude ones elongates your legs. This is a go to trick for Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston.

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victoriasecretfashionshowrunwayfcbs36ebbvrl1-209x300Secret #2: Body Makeup

I got this tip from the makeup artist that gets all the Victoria’s Secret models catwalk ready for their annual fashion show and the girls always look amazing!

Now you can get the same look, use a bronzing lotion with a shimmer (not a self tanner). I LOVE Body Bling by Scott Barnes. J.Lo and Beyonce swear by this.

I have worked with Scott before and the man is a genius, he invented J.Lo’s bronzed look and she has never looked back! Rub all over your legs, I like using Use rubber latex gloves (I find great ones at Home Depot) to apply the Body Bling, this prevents you from getting your hands too dark.

It is also great to use on your arms and all over your body… you don’t want to look uneven! Give yourself about 20 minutes before you get dressed to let it dry and to avoid getting it on your clothes. Apply lightly, a little goes a long way.

With a powder brush and a light shimmer highlighter, I use Revlon Skinlights in their lightest shade. Available at drug stores.

Dust the shimmer up and down your legs sticking to the middle area.  This brings emphasis to the highlighted areas giving you an instant slim effect and when you are in any light your legs will pop. You can also use this to make your arms look thinner by doing the same technique.

Scott Barnes Body Bling $32
Revlon Skinlights $12

That’s it… Just two simple steps to longer sexier legs!



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