Is everybody ready for some football? I am! Or at least I am ready to host a Superbowl party that is going to be decorated to the absolute nines. Would I have it any other way? I have already dished on decorating with jerseys, pom poms, and artificial turf so be sure to check out past broadcasts to tap into those ideas. Today, I am talking all about flowers. Because yes, even though it’s a testosterone-infused  game—everything looks better with flowers!

Decorating with flowers can be tweaked to work with any budget. It depends on the size of the arrangement, the flowers used and the overall design. The ideas here can be substituted for anything from carnations to roses and beyond. So pick what you like and how much you want to spend, then follow the ideas here.

I like a white and green floral centerpiece set in a trophy shaped vessel—use roses and an oversized palm leaf that’s been folded over on itself to frame the flowers or carnations and fillers to the same effect. Make one big arrangement or several smaller ones set on multiple tables or surfaces.

I love to literally set the stage, the food stage, with a floral table runner. Made out of flat and full flowers like carnations or peonies, you can lay low blocks of floral foam down the center of the table. Arrange flowers on the top and sides of the foam with no spaces in between for the entire length of foam. Then sit back and stare at the splendor!

One more idea dresses up a typically boring pool betting card that ends up looking ugly in an otherwise perfectly decorated room. Trim stems of flowers to the flower base, then hot glue flowers around the edges of oversized piece of poster board that pool is written on to create a frame. When it looks like this, you would almost welcome the easel to the board is set on to make it a centerpiece of the room.

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