I am in love with Valentine’s Day and the little ways to make it special. The best way to kick it off? With a romantic breakfast in bed that entices your sweetie to spend a little more time lazing there with you. And like everything, it’s all about the presentation. So what I am going to do today is  help you put it all together.

Start with a simple tray. It can be silver, wood, glass or ceramic. Then print out a romantic poem on a piece of opaque vellum or decorative paper and trim to fit the tray as a liner.

Make a Champagne cocktail. Infuse it with a red or pink juice like pomegranate of passion fruit and set it in the corner of the tray.

At the top center of the tray, place a small floral arrangement of deep red or even black roses with a small message card sticking out and write a heart, the word love or even I love you.

In the center, you should put the actual breakfast plate. You can go gourmet here and whip up something amazing if you are talented in the kitchen or you can keep it super simple with a few pastries and cut fruit  including aphrodisiacs like bananas, vanilla and figs.

In the opposite top corner from the Champagne, set a small box of gourmet chocolates—a known aphrodisiac and a favorite symbol of the day!

Leave room for a cup of tea that you’ve transformed into a romantic sipping station. Remove the tag from the tea bag and replace with a heart tag. To make, take two identical hearts and glue them together, securing to each other with the tea bag string sandwiched between them. Print the word love on the heart.

And finally, a sexy framed pic of the two of you turns a chill meal into a super hot one!

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