Today on Good Day LA I showed some of my favorite ¬†Fourth of July entertaining ideas. This one has to be my fav out of the four I showed. Who doesn’t LOVE sparklers on the Fourth? They come in boxes that are cute but this year I wanted to think of a different and festive way to display them for your guests.

  1. Grab a crate of any type or size. I bought mine at Michael’s Arts & Crafts. Fruit crates work great. You can also grab a cardboard box if you don’t have a crate and using an exacto knife carefully cut out 2 slits about 1/5-2inches in width across the top and front and back sides.
  2. Paint to desired color. I spray painted mine a glossy white.
  3. Line inside of crate with soaked floral foam. Available at any Michael’s Arts & Crafts or any florist shop. I LOVE Oasis Floral Products for my supplies if you prefer to buy online, this website has fantastic deals! You get a lot of bang for your buck vs retail stores for all of your floral supplies.
  4. Turn right side up, cut your favorite flowers down to about 4 inches and place in-between slits sticking stems into the floral foam. Repeat mixing flowers and colors up until all of your foam has been covered.
  5. Tie pretty ribbons around sparklers along with any cute tags, I got these at Michael’s Arts & Crafts but you can make you’re own with card stock and markers, glitter, etc. These are also really fun to personalize with your guests names.
  6. Stick sparklers into foam, being careful to insert them between flowers not through your flowers and enjoy!

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