Loved showing these beautiful arrangements on Good Day LA this morning. A few points when making these arrangements:

  1. Think outside of the box! Look around your house for beautiful jars, vases or any beautiful containers that speak to you. I grabbed these from our bedroom. Amazon has a ton of beautiful Oriental blue and white vases/jars. 
  2. Use floral tape to make a grid at the opening of your vase. (Scotch Tape works too)
  3. Fill with water and preservative.
  4. Trim Dark Blue Hydrangeas. Place in box 1 & 4.
  5. Trim Light Blue Hydrangeas. Place in box  2 & 3.
  6. Trim White Peonies. Place in 2 in box 1. Place 1 in box 4.
  7. Trim Pink Peonies. Place 3 in box 2. Place 1 in box 3.
  8. Bunch 7 Red Roses together. Trim. Bunch together and secure by wrapping in floral tape in center of stems. This keeps your Roses tightly together giving a structured look when added to your arrangement. Place in Box 2. Repeat with 5 Red Roses and place in box 3.
  9. To keep Hydrangeas lasting as long as possible change water every other day and mist arrangement with a water spray bottle. Enjoy!

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